Time Again for Annual Data Science / Machine Learning Poll

What are the most widely used tools today for data science, machine learning, or analytics? Python, R, SAS, KNIME, RapidMiner…? We’re about to discover the latest figures as it’s time again for the annual KDnuggets Poll on data science and machine learning tools. For 18 consecutive years, Gregory Piatetsky has been asking people what software they have actually used in the past twelve months. For almost as long, I’ve been compiling the results of that poll and many other ways to gauge The Popularity of Data Science Software.  If you take the poll, you’ll get the latest results immediately. Please chip in and help us all get a better estimate of the market share for data science tools!

About Bob Muenchen

I help researchers analyze their data, teach workshops on data analysis using R, and write books about research computing.
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