R for Stata Users

Stata is one of the most flexible and extensible data analysis package available from a commercial vendor. R is a similarly flexible free and open source package for data analysis, with more than 3,000 add-on packages available. This book shows you how to extend the power of Stata through the use of R.

R for Stata Users introduces R using Stata terminology with which you are already familiar. It steps through more than 30 programs written in both languages, comparing and contrasting the two packages’ different approaches. When finished, you will be able to use R in conjunction with Stata, or separately. You will be able to import data, manage and transform it, create publication quality graphics and perform basic statistical analyses.

A glossary defines over 50 R terms using Stata jargon, and again using more formal R terminology. The table of contents and index allow you to find equivalent R functions by looking up Stata commands and vice versa. The example programs and practice datasets for both R and Stata are available for download.

Reviews and Comments from Readers

“My first foray into R programming was infuriatingly unproductive. I needed something that could lay out an introduction into R that would build upon my existing knowledge of statistical programming, namely Stata. This book does just that – it identifies commands and structures that are direct parallels and directs attention towards the portions of R that are fundamentally different from Stata. The authors provide excellent examples and full example files. Since I have been using this book my experiences with R have been much more productive and far less frustrating.”

-Peter Goff, Vanderbilt University


2 Responses to R for Stata Users

  1. S.G says:

    Where can we get your book ?

    • r4stats says:

      Just click on the “Books” menu at the top. You’ll see there’s one for SAS/SPSS users and another for Stata users. Clicking on the image will pop you over to Amazon.com. Under “Free Version” is the free early edition of “R for SAS and SPSS Users”. It’s short and somewhat out of date but it’s still downloaded quite a bit.

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